I am Tony James Hetherington

The face behind the lens.

I started my journey into photography after my first son was born and I spent a fortune in a well know chain of photography stores,

I thought to myself 'I can do better than this' so I started shooting my friends children, then family portraits and I refined my skills with each shoot.

People kept telling me that I should turn my passion into a business, so in May 2011 it all started.

Having two children of my own I know that it can take time for them to feel confident in front of the camera,

so we give ample time to our shoots,  ensuring we capture your magic moments.

Being a family man I realise how any moment can become special,

the magic in a child's eyes as they look back at you, or the moment you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with that special person.

I aim to capture your magic moments be they a whisper or a shout,

The big bold gestures or the tiny sound of a baby laughing.

In the studio, in your home or on location,

I can tailor a package to suit you.